I'm a sun light seeker in love with the world. The sounds, colors, smells and everything around.
I'm curious, methodical and an outgoing person that needs her corner sometimes. Optimistic most of the times and a fighter (all the time), i defend my convictions to the end.
I'm a believer. I'm a dreamer.

Born in Massarelos, Porto, Portugal.
With natural skills for crafts and attention for colors since early age, always loving photography, which led me to do a degree in contemporary jewellery. Then Fashion and then a short course in photography.

Always felt the desire of making something new, something of my own, so BELLISGIRL was born.
The name is like a nickname from my real name.

Everything about it is me all over it. It's me in every single word, photo, line, color, shape and piece.
Bellisgirl is an Author brand of jewellery & photography -mainly- with sustainable ideals inspired by tales, people, stories, colors.
Pieces with a fresh and urban vibe, feminine, full of meaning to me. Hope them inspire you to be you, to dream, to be bold, to dare, to be conscious and respect all live beings.

My deepest is here, to show you how i see the world.


Stores & galleries

Mercado da Villa

Travessa 25 de Abril,
São Miguel, Caldas de Vizela

+351 912 490 345