Delivery time
BELLISGIRL will deliver your orders as fast as we can! For in stock products, the estimated delivery time is 3 to 5 days and it may depend on the shipping destination.
In case of the customer doesn´t receive or pick the order in the local courier, and if the order is delivered back to our store, BELLISGIRL cannot assume shipping costs to resend the order again. All the charges will be on customer responsibility.
Just in a few cases, some specific products/pieces might take more days to be ready to be shipped because we are making the piece especially for you. In these cases, information will be provided in the related product page or by e-mail for the customer who purchased it. After we dispatch the items it takes the same time to reach the destiny as described above.
We’ll give you a tracking number of your order so you can keep an eye on your order when shipped.

Shipping Rates
The shipping rates will be presented during the checkout and before payment. It will be calculated depending on shipping preferences and BELLISGIRL will keep the shipping rate the fairest and flexible for any order submitted, based on product weight or size, destination and delivery time.

Different payment methods are available. You can pay by bank transfer or paypal.
Bank transfer data is the following:
IBAN: PT50 0023 0000 45462057098 94
Paypal email is the following: info@bellisgirl.com
Credit cards will be processed through paypal.
An email notification will be sent to you when your packages/pieces have shipped.
A tracking number of your order will be provided.

Custom and import charges
Please understand that prices are excluded of custom fees and other taxes. It would be very difficult for us to manage this issue, so we advise you to check these policies and duties directly with your home customs office.

Shipping destinations
BELLISGIRL ships all over the world, however for destinations outside E.U please contact us.
BELLISGIRL, through this online store ships preferably to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.
However BELLISGIRL ships worldwide.
Orders will be sent and delivered to the delivery address defined by the customer.
Some destinations, outside EU may have specific policies so please be aware of that before shipping.

Return Policy
You may return any eligible piece within 14 days from receipt of delivery. We can only accept returns if items are in the original unused condition and in its original undamaged packing. BELLISGIRL will issue a credit to your account as soon as your items are processed though our return centre. If you wish to return an item, please contact us.
If you find any anomalous situation (damage, faulty, incorrect or missing item) please confirm your dispatch order to verify if items were not shipped correctly or separately and contact us to clarify the situation and keep you happy&Bold!

BELLISGIRL is a brand owned by , Isabel De Castro, with VAT number PT 244 620 792, and therefore designated by ‘BELLISGIRL’, ‘us’ or ‘we’.
BELLISGIRL, under the domain bellisgirl.com is an e-commerce platform for final customer.
BELLISGIRL is the data controller for your personal data, and undertakes to process this data with full transparency and in strict respect for personal privacy, as well as fundamental rights, freedoms and guarantees, ensuring full compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law.

Personal data
BELLISGIRL will not collect any personal data about you, unless provided voluntarily, by submiting the registration fields available. By submiting your data online either by registering or purchasing products, you thereby express your consent to processing your personal data, under the terms set out in this “Privacy Policy”.

BELLISGIRL uses “cookies” technology for the following purposes: to remember user data on subsequent visits to the site, to gather information about total visitors and website traffic, and to understand users’ behaviour and preferences for the website configuration and optimization.

Purpose of data processing
Your personal data, collected by BELLISGIRL, will be used for the following purposes: to provide you with information about products, events or services, that are directly or indirectly related to BELLISGIRL; perform customer satisfaction surveys with you; develop BELLISGIRL “marketing” initiatives; process your orders or give you access to information thereon. The data may be used for any additional purpose that is directly related to the original purpose for which it was originally collected.

Circulation of data
BELLISGIRL undertakes not to transmit the personal data collected about you to any third party, except in the following circumstances: transmission of the necessary elements for delivery of the goods ordered by you to BELLISGIRL suppliers and transportation firms; requests by administrative or judicial authorities; the threat or occurrence of fraud or other illegal activities, such as attacks on BELLISGIRL website information and technology systems.

Access, rectification and elimination of data
You are granted the right to obtain information about your data and the respective processing, freely and without restrictions, promptly and with reasonable periodicity, free of charge. At any time, free of charge, you can also rectify and delete your data that has been collected by BELLISGIRL. For this purpose, you simply have to remove your account in the area, “my account” or send an e-mail to info@bellisgirl.com stating this intention.

Data security
BELLISGIRL uses standard security measures in order to ensure that your personal data cannot be viewed or used by unauthorised third parties. Except in case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, BELLISGIRL will not be held liable for any losses you may suffer, due to any loss, unauthorized access, misuse or alteration of the collected data that may be imputed to unauthorized or fraudulent conduct by third parties

BELLISGIRL may update or alter the information of this “Privacy Policy” at any time, and therefore we recommend that it be viewed on a periodic basis. If you have questions concerning this data protection declaration or the use of personal data at BELLISGIRL, please contact us!

BELLISGIRL is a brand owned by Isabel De Castro, with VAT number PT 244 620792, and therefore designated by ‘BELLISGIRL’, ‘us’ or ‘we’.

These are the Terms&Conditions for all contracts made by BELLISGIRL with users via bellisgirl.com online shop. The customer’s general business terms&conditions shall not apply, even if they have not been expressly refuted.

Delivery zone/customer address
Services offered by the BELLISGIRL online shop shall be provided to customers whose delivery and invoice addresses lie within the territories and countries available at the checkout.

Prices and payment
Prices and all elements included in the price, e.g. postage and packing, supplements or tax (hereinafter “payment”) for each order shall be displayed to the customer on the BELLISGIRL Online shop’s web pages before the order is placed. Possible payment methods shall be displayed to the customer in the BELLISGIRL Online shop. lf a credit card payment, credit transfer, or direct debit is unpaid, revoked, or returned, the bank charges thereby incurred by the BELLISGIRL Online shop shall be payable by the customer.

The BELLISGIRL Online shop shall make no delivery until payment has been received; it may take place in instalments as payments are received. The BELLISGIRL Online shop may, but shall not be obliged to, make partial deliveries if this is convenient for the customer.

Liability for damages/warranties
The following rules for the liability of the BELLISGIRL Online shop shall apply to all damages claims and potential liability irrespective of their legal basis [e.g. warranty, delay, impossibility, breach of duty, illicit conduct]. The rules in this clause shall not apply to claims for loss of life, personal injury or impaired health, for malicious concealment of a shortcoming or absence of a quality for which the BELLISGIRL Online shop has provided a guarantee, based on deliberate misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the BELLISGIRL Online shop or its statutory representatives, or on a serious organisational fault, or based on product liability law. These exceptions shall remain subject to statutory stipulations.
ln case of lesser negligence, the BELLISGIRL Online shop shall be liable only for breach of cardinal Obligations. Cardinal Obligations are essential contractual Obligations, breach of which endangers the purpose of the contract, and compliance with which the contractual partner is normally entitled to expect. lf a cardinal Obligation is breached, the liability of the BELLISGIRL Online shop shall be limited to compensating the typical damage that was foreseeable by the BELLISGIRL when the contract was made. Otherwise the BELLISGIRL Online shop will accept no liability for lesser or simple negligence.
The liability of the BELLSIGIRL Online shop for damage caused by gross negligence on the part of its agents shall be limited to compensating the typical damage that was foreseeable by the BELLISGIRL when the contract was made.
Otherwise the current statutory warranty claims and guarantees shall apply.

Reservation of title
Until full payment has been made, the goods shall remain the property of the BELLISGIRL Online shop. lf payment is made by means of a payment order to a bank or financial institution, full payment shall not be deemed to have been made until an unconditional, non-returnable credit has been made into the account of the BELLISGIRL Online shop.

Offsetting and retention rights
The customer’s right to offset shall apply only to undisputed or legally established receivables. The customer’s right of retention shall be exercised only with regard to receivables arising from the same legal relationship.

Applicable law
The contract of sale shall be subject to Portuguese law. UN sales contract law (the CISG) shall not apply.
End of General Business Terms and Conditions.