Generally jewels with time will have some wear, sometimes because of the own skin PH or just time. We only sell Brass or Bronze pieces with finishings like gold plated or black rodium, but they need care too.
Jewellery should always be looked after with great care, regardless of what it is comprised of.

Here’s some simple advices:

  • Avoid contact with any cosmetics or household products that could damage the colour.
  • Do not clean your jewellery in boiling water, do not use scouring pad or hard brushes, do not use detergents.
  • Do not expose jewellery to extreme temperatures.
  • The correct protection for each piece is to keep it in its original box or bag.
  • If you use a jewellery case for travels, make sure that the pieces are kept in separate compartments.
  • Avoid leaving chains loose and out as they may get knots in them.
  • Do not sleep with the jewels due to some finishings
  • Try to not exercise with jewels because of sweat and some pieces are massive (not hollow) wich make them a bit heavy for the chains and can break with running for example.

We only sell gold plated Brass jewels or Brass with other finishings like black rodium.

If you have any doubts about the condition or allergies of your jewellery, we recommend that you contact us.


Always care for your clothes so they can be in good conditions for more years.

Some advices:

  • Always follow the washing instructions (find them in the clothes labels or with your package)
  • We use some natural techniques for dying fabrics in some pieces, do not use extreme temperatures or extreme detergents