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There’s a new colaboration around here…our SEEDS 5.0//EAT YOUR JEWEL are sweeter than ever with PAPABUBBLE Porto’s homemade candy!

You know this lovely store, started in Barcelona but it’s very popular in Portugal too (with one in Lisbon and now in Porto), the goal is recover the ancient artisanal candy making process.
Like they say, their secret is: Creativity + Quality + Passion.
To make Papabubble candy, they use small amounts of sugar and glucose and a lot of love in the product.
They bring passion and creativity to each candy and invite us to come share the experience.
An exciting experience for all 5 of your senses with the smell of melted sugar, the bright colors of the candy, and the sweet, delicious tastes. The process is a combination of art forms, including a bit of theater, design, sculpting, creativity and flavor!
Know more about it here.

Every store is different, to integrate with the city, at Porto the store is very clean and we just love the light design!
We are super fans of the watermelon candy and kiwi. So we had this crazy idea to make a colaboration for our SEEDS 5.0 special edition and they said YES!!
an amazing opportunity, we even make candy with our own hands and photographed every moment.

They are already at Adorna Corações Gallery, Centro Comercial Bombarda – Porto. Just visit and buy your SEEDS 5.0//EAT YOUR JEWEL with PAPABUBBLE Porto’s candy.
Thanks so much PAPABUBBLE PORTO.


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