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Ana João Jewelry and A Maria Criativa sound familiar to you? or things like TEDDIES and lamps like MARIGOLD, maybe you heard about right? what do they have in common?
ANA JOÃO, yes that’s exactly that…all belong to one person, one very creative mind.
Ana João is a product designer, who was born in Matosinhos. Studied Product Design in ESAD as well as a master’s degree in Product Design&Interfaces; also studied in jewellery by taking a Introduction to Jewellery course in CINDOR. Passionate about lighting design and jewellery.

We are super fans of her TEDDIES COLLECTIONS, made in porcelain making it even more special and artistic. suuuuper cute, all portuguese, all handmade just how we like it.

“(…) the author of these remarkable jewels is driven by everyday moments which she transforms in memorable jewellery sets.
Wonderful jewels that are the result of a combination between “Ana João Jewelry”‘s creativity and the manual work of master goldsmiths from the north of Portugal.
Each jewel is handcrafted and given a special and unique care becoming exclusive jewels.”

And when the theme is lamps…well, that’s for sure where everything shines in creativity.
A Maria Criativa (love the name): Innovation, color, shine, beautiful and luxurious sets that you can´t stop imagining and fun at the same time. every single lamp is so well thought out, all the details. you can see that jewellery is behind her creations, is obviously an inspiration.

All these pics are available in the brand website, amazing pics we know (we love them to) but we want to show you her workspace…yes we had to visit, we wanted to know more about her corner, the details, how she works.
Ana João as recently changed her workspace for a new place but we are going to mix a little bit the previous place with the new because there’s curious details in both. // facebook // facebook


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